Dorcas Musili MSN RN BC-NP


Your Nurse

Dorcas Musili MSN RN BC-NP

Hello, my name is Dorcas Musili, your Blomdahl Nurse. I am a registered nurse and certified nurse practitioner with a background in perioperative care, meaning I’m used to being in the operating room. I have seen there is a great need for ear piercing services since the pandemic started with no real safe way to procure them, which is where Concierge Ear Piercing, LLC comes in. I wanted to offer an opportunity for safe, sterile delivery of services and we do just that. I will be providing services to people who need ear piercing done with stellar service, a fully vaccinated professional (me), hospital grade jewelry for those with nickel and other allergies right from the comfort of your own home. If you would prefer, you may also get ear piercings done in an office setting with controlled traffic and strict sanitization and sterile procedures.


$195 for in-home ear piercing

$150 for in-office ear piercing

$140 for groups of more than 5 people