Concierge Ear Piercing

What could possibly be more comfortable, from a safety, privacy, and dignity perspective, than having your ears pierced in your own home, by a Certified Medical Professional?

Blomdahl Nursing Professionals offer families another ear-piercing option – one that is focused on safety, comfort and confidence.

Dorcas Musili MSN RN BC-NP


Blomdahl Nurse Program

Concierge Ear Piercing is a part of the Blomdahl Nurse Program that provides American families with a safe, clean, and comfortable ear-piercing alternative. Their system is sold exclusively to medical professionals and has been available in physician offices across the country for 20 years. The Blomdahl Nurse Program elevates the Medical Ear Piercing experience by including in-home piercings performed by a trained and certified Blomdahl Nurse Provider and helps meet that demand.

Blomdahl also manufactures stylish, hypoallergenic jewellery for adults and children which is what we at  Concierge Ear Piercing use and supply. Blomdahl is also the innovator and market leader for medical piercing and have developed a unique, quick, and safe method for ear and nose piercing. Blomdahl’s jewellery is manufactured in nickel free materials, with beautiful, classic and unique designs that are comfortable to wear every day. 

Skin friendly jewelry for all ages

We offer ear piercing services using Blomdahl’s in nickel-free and hypoallergenic jewelry. Generally, they are medical-grade titanium earrings and medical-grade plastic earrings for people with sensitive skin and allergies to jewelry—perfect for babies, kids, and adults!


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