Medical Plastic 4mm Earrings


0% NICKEL! Earrings developed in consultation with skin specialists that guarantee comfort all day. A charming Crystal set in Skin Friendly Medical Plastic. The 4mm measurement is of the entire setting.

Blomdahl earrings are sold by the pair with backs and come in a Clean Pack. In the transparent Clean Pack bubble, one pair of earrings are hygienically packed. The label is a seal which guarantees that you are the first person to wear your new earrings.

*Important: Do not clean medical plastic earrings with alcohol or peroxide. It can turn them yellow and brittle. Use a gentle soap and water for cleaning.

Available Colors ( in the order of the Swatches) : Violet, Crystal, Rainbow, Rose, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Peridot, Light Rose, Turquoise, Pastel Violet, and Pastel Light Rose.

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