Pendant Plain Curved Earrings


Looking for a hypoallergenic earring that’s also pretty? Check out our 10mm and 15mm Plain Pendant earrings. Simple and stylish, Our Plain Pendants are the perfect earrings when you don’t need the bling. Precision made from pure medical-grade titanium, they shine like silver. There’s never a worry about a nickel allergy either. These hypoallergenic earrings are nickel-free, lightweight, and comfortable.

The graceful curve accentuates the natural shape of your ear and makes you look stunning when you wear anything black.

Because our 10mm and 15mm Plain Pendant earrings are nickel-free, you’ll never have red or itchy ears from contact dermatitis can happen with some department store earrings. Your new earrings come in a hygienic case. You are the very first person to touch them!

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