Black Titanium 5mm Ball Earrings


Feel pretty wearing Blomdahl USA’s Black Titanium 5 mm Ball Earrings. They look fantastic at any age or for style. It’s incredible how cute these look when you wear a white blouse or cable knit sweater. You can’t go wrong with basic black. These stylish earrings feature a 5mm black ball made from pure medical-grade titanium. The ball is the only part coated in Black, so only the titanium touches the skin. They are hypoallergenic so anyone can wear them comfortably. They look adorable as kid’s earrings too.

Blomdahl USA earrings include titanium backs and come in a Clean Pack. It’s a hygienically packed, transparent Clean Pack bubble. The label acts a seal, guaranteeing that you are the first person to touch your new Black Titanium 5 mm Ball Earrings.

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